Friday, May 6, 2016

A Letter from a Frustrated American

Dear Americans, I am writing today out of fear: fear of losing my health care, fear of how certain races and religions will react to maliciously being referred to as criminals by those whose job it is to protect their rights, fear of war, fear of the middle class becoming extinct, fear of unthinkable cruelties happening to good people due to ignorance and stupidity, but mostly I write to you today in response to a fear that frightens me to my core – a fear that hate will more than likely become the defining characteristic of who we are as Americans if we don’t open our eyes and put the values this great nation was built upon first. I want to preface this by saying I think every candidate running for office is intelligent. I believe they all want to better America. And I genuinely believe their followers do as well. I just feel some go about accomplishing this goal in better ways than others. With that said, I must confess – I am not a fan of Trump for President. Though I thoroughly enjoyed Celebrity Apprentice for many years; my like for his entertaining television persona did not transpire into a vote for his presidential campaign. His rantings and rhetoric directly contradict the respect I harbor inside of me for the people of this nation. I feel to better America we need a less hateful, more respectful, all inclusive, experienced leader. Trump is not that for me, and with this realization, Bernie got my vote. But I don’t write you today to persuade you to vote for Bernie. I don’t write you today to persuade you to vote for anyone, really. I’m writing you today to ask all of you frustrated voters, both democrat and republican alike, to not waste your vote? Voting is a right, a precious right that grants everyone a say in the issues that affect this nation. Yes, it is frustrating. Yes, it is confusing. And yes, at times, it seems totally unfair and stacked in someone’s favor – but it is still our right. I’d even go so far as to say it is our duty. But this year I’m hearing of so many who plan to simply throw away this priceless gift. This infuriates me, and let me tell you why. On February 3, 1870, after nearly 2.5% of this nation’s population was killed by their neighbors in the Civil War (a statistic that translates to nearly 7 million people if this war occurred today) – the constitution was amended to allow African Americans the right to vote.* But the battle to be heard continued despite this amendment. Skip ahead to August 18, 1920, when women were granted the right to cast a ballot legally, though they, too, were turned away by the men in control of politics.* These people fought hard – each and every one of them. Through beatings, rapes, torture, wrongful prosecution and death – the people fought on for what was right – and one thing is for sure: history books do not look favorably on those who took the side of discrimination and hate. In 1871, congress mandated that 74 National Cemeteries be constructed to entomb over 303,000 soldiers from the Civil War. Of those 303,356, not a single Confederate fighter was included.* But here we sit today, watching a man whose statements mimic those of the Confederacy by simply replacing a few derogatory words with Muslims or Mexicans or women - and people everywhere are hailing him as a savior. Umm, no! A savior brings people together instead of bullying them further apart. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Now I know, I have no glimmer of hope of ever convincing die-hard Trump supporters of his danger to this nation and world, so to you, I’m not speaking. The Americans I am speaking to, the ones who feel disenfranchised from their own party - listen up: DON’T WASTE YOUR VOTE! Don’t spit on the tombs of those deceased by throwing away the right they gave their life to provide you. Instead, chose to honor them. Now I know this will be difficult for a Republican as crossing party lines to vote can be viewed internally as a fundamental contradiction of their convictions, but it isn’t always about your own personal values – it is about what is best for America. And this is a statement I want to scream at my fellow Democrats as I hear countless people refuse to support the Democratic nominee – who will almost certainly be Clinton – because they love Bernie so much. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the adoration for the Bern, I am in love with his message. It encompasses everything I believe in - he is inclusive of everyone, he is inspiring, smart, determined, fair, and totally down to earth - but he doesn’t have the numbers, unfortunately. He just doesn’t. These are the facts, but he and Clinton are more alike than different - words from both his and her own mouths. You don’t like Clinton. I understand that. But does the narcissistic, Charlie Sheen inspired catchphrase using, racist, hypocritical, hot-headed, unable to locate half of our enemies on a map, crybaby who blames everyone else for his problems, KKK endorsed, alienating, can’t finish a complete thought, lie spewing, never wrong, uncompromising, cheating, fraudulent, womanizing, cowardly, bully seem like the better choice? I think not! So do you honestly hate Clinton so much that you would rather see Trump, with all of his uniquely ugly values, as your President? If your answer is no, please act accordingly. Don’t get so butt hurt about your man loosing the nomination that you put America in Trump’s hazardous and dangerous care. Don’t look at Clinton’s inevitable general election run as a moment of defeat; instead, look at how Bernie has molded the future of this party. There is no doubt we are currently undergoing a political revolution on both sides. The youth speaking today are the voters whose values will mold our nation in the upcoming years. American values are definitely changing, the shift is palpable. No longer do the majority of people in this nation view coal as the energy ‘holy grail’; with world support, the field is shifting to less harmful ways to keep the lights on. No longer does religion define the meaning of marriage; more than half of the nation support love of all kinds among all genders. No longer are the days of legal discrimination acceptable; people are becoming more and more aware of social injustices and demanding change. No longer are the days of American’s living oppressed by the government; more and more the youth are exercising their voice by forcing Washington to process their disapproving vote. And though it is angering to see those who feel the popularity of their ideals slipping grab so desperately to a man whose political policies are circa 1860’s, it is a beautiful and mesmerizing sight to see America revolt against the political machine. It is almost inspiring to be a democrat in today’s political climate. For years I have watched politicians/people make decisions based solely on financial gain, or out of hate for another country’s population, or to simply benefit themselves - but today I can see America growing a heart. And for all of the hearts that have stopped beating in past wars, for all the families who have sacrificed on your behalf, for all the people who will call America home in the future – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t waste this precious opportunity to be heard. If you’re a democrat, especially, PLEASE RISE ABOVE THE PERSONAL QUALMS YOU HAVE WITH CLINTON AND GO OUT AND USE YOUR VOICE!! Because, after all, it’s only a matter of time before we’re called upon to KEEP America great! And yo, Mr. Trump, contrary to what you say - there has never been a day that we weren’t… *statistics provided by