Thursday, October 20, 2016

If You Vote Trump I Don't Think We Can Be Friends

It’s true, political candidates polarize this nation, but America has never seen anything like this political environment before. What we have witnessed unfold in the past 18 months can be described quite simply as disgraceful. I do not support all of Hillary’s ideas or life choices but I can’t in my right mind vote for a man whose mental instability is put proudly on display for all to see. When I hear Trump speak my insides literally coil up in revolt. My mind becomes clouded with hate, despair, fear, and an overall sense of dread. I used to believe this nation was built on integrity, values, ethics, morals, and an overwhelming desire to help those in need. But today I’m faced with a grim reality: Americans are selfish, they hide their true beliefs, and many are incredibly ugly inside. As Trump’s campaign gained steam, I began to notice ugliness seep from the foundation of this nation as his supporters not only dismissed his blatant bigoted, racist, and un-American remarks but actually started defending them. It is these people – the ones who defend him – that I can’t be friends with anymore. I don’t presume to tell anyone how to vote. That is an individual right that everyone has the duty of exercising. I understand there are fundamental Democrats and Republicans. I understand their vote. I don’t understand the people who defend indefensible actions and rantings. Those who believe Trump’s words on that hot mic were simply “locker room” talk are the same ones who felt Bill Cosby should have been tried for sexual assault just a few years back and the same ones who would exercise their 2nd amendment right if this behavior was toward their wife, daughter, mother, sister, or friend. Those who think his multi-million dollar businessman stature is exactly what Washington needs are the same ones who bitch and moan about wall-street running this nation. Um newsflash – you’re wanting to elect an actual wall-street developer to the highest office of this nation. How is this supposed to be a change for the better? Those who listen to Trump as he speaks of rounding up and deporting millions of foreingers with the same political flair and gusto as Stalin and Hitler are the same ones who condemn the holocaust and advocate for less government spending. How much do you think deporting 11.4 million people will cost the government? And newsflash – the last major bombing in America was done by an AMERICA...not an illegal immigrant. Look, I can live with different political views but those who defend Trump and his ways aren’t following him for his policies. If you listen hard to their reasons of support it is because Trump hates, because he discriminates, because he thinks women belong in the kitchen; it’s because they are afraid of change…not for it. Trump’s words – the ones that aren’t scripted or clarified by his political pundits – are words that could’ve been ripped straight from a time when rights were granted to no one but wealthy, white, males. His ideas, his fundamental core beliefs are that of oppression for those who disagree. He does not stand for unity. He does not share a desire to do good deeds in the world. He does not strive to make America a great nation. He strives to see his bank account larger, his name respected, and his legacy admired – how that helps his followers I’ve yet to understand. This year I am so sad to vote because I feel let down by the American people. I feel this nation is not my home anymore, like what I value is not valued by the masses. Sure I don’t love Clinton, hell I’m not even sure I like her, but at least I can respect her vision. At least I can see how her goals for this nation align with the beliefs of those who wrote and signed our Constitution. At least I feel she will try for forward progression – I can’t say that for Trump. But what makes me the saddest really has nothing to do with the actual election; it has to do with the core beliefs of so many Americans – the blatant hate they so proudly display leaves me disappointed in who we are as a nation…I thought we were better than this America! Apparently I was mistaken...

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