Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Words I Live By

It is strange how life can change — how one moment everything seems perfect and the next everything blows up in your face. I’ve often sat and pondered how things could be different? How life could look so foreign even when it is my own? But this is time wasted. I am not that 23 year old bride anymore, my reality is different from what I’ve dreamt, but that doesn’t mean it is any less great. I’ve learned that the key to happiness is honesty. It is facing your fears and then spitting directly in their face. You can’t sit back and wonder what could be — you have to conquer what is. This is the untold reality of being human. There are people who will push you to be better, people who will like you so much they will fight others to obtain your affection. You must ignore their words. It is a trap. To find pleasure in others adoration is normal. It is expected. But you mustn’t let it define you. If you spend your life living in these obscured shadows of yourself, you most always will find misery. To live peacefully you must be true, you must be brave, and you must be willing to fail. To those who feel I am speaking hogwash, understand me — support feels great. But when you allow others to define you it becomes difficult to weed out the truth. You begin to lose a tiny bit of yourself. Nobody knows your inner thoughts. No one knows the pain your heart has had to heal. And no one can understand your soul other than you. Guard that like the treasure it is. It wasn’t given to you for others to figure out. It was entrusted to you by a man with a master plan. Honor Him. Trust Him. And define yourself with the miraculous truth of who you were meant to be. Because other people’s opinions don’t mean jack!

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